• mindless eating

    Mindless Eating

    Mindless Eating   Mindless eating is when you’re eating while doing other activities and not focused on what and how much you’re eating.  This can get you into trouble because without thinking about how much of something you’re eating you…

  • Cherry Pie French Toast

    Cherry Pie Filling

     Cherry Pie Filling 35 Calorie Cherry Pie Filling This decadent treat is a full 1/3 cup serving for only 35 calories and OMG all the many things that I can do with cherry pie filling.  I have served it at…

  • Introduction to Weight Loss Mindset

    Introduction to Weight Loss Mindset   Is your obsession with food making you fat?  What if I told you that your obsession with food can make you skinny?  You can feel like you’re having a mess up day and still lose…