Egg, Guacamole, Pita Sandwich – Egg, Guacamole, Pita Sandwich


This yummy pita sandwich is the most nutrient dense sandwich you will ever eat!  The star of this sandwich is the boiled egg of course and eggs are classified as a superfood.  Forget about the whole eggs are high in cholesterol and cause heart disease because this is an old myth and it’s just not true.  There are many studies and much research done by many groups of scientist to prove my case.  I’ve researched this topic thoroughly and you can as well.  If your Drs. are up on the latest in nutrition science then he/she will know that I’m right.  You can ask any nutritionist! 

The egg does have is a source of cholesterol but it doesn’t cause high cholesterol in your blood stream.  Cholesterol is naturally occurring in your body and is produced by the liver.  When you eat whole eggs then the liver responds to that level of cholesterol from the egg by not producing as much cholesterol. 

Besides remember sugar is the bad guy not fat!  It is sugar that is causing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on… Not only does sugar not have any nutritional value what so ever but it also depletes you of vital nutrients, is converted into bad fats that wreak havoc on your body  and it’s the reason you feel like crap.  Sugar is gives you a temporary sensation of energy and a high but when its affects wear off then you’re left energy depleted and craving more sugar to get that temporary high again. 

Yes it seems impossible to get away from sugar but you can and with the Tonia Tee plan I can show you the way and then you can forget those highs and those lows and have sustained energy all the time and avoid disease and lose weight.  Yay!

So, enough about sugar lets discuss the nutritional benefits of the superfood eggs.  Not only is eggs an excellent source of protein and healthy fats but they are full of so many other nutrients that are a must have.  Just to name a few is Omega-3, vitamin A, folate, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, phosphorous, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium, zinc and more.  The whole egg is the most nutrient dense food on the planet.  

The benefits of eggs are they build cell membranes, they raise HDL the good cholesterol in your body, they lower LDL the bad cholesterol in your body, this decreasing you risk of heart disease, they aid in eye health, they reduce your risk of stroke, they aid in weight loss by inducing a feeling of fullness and on and on…

The next star of this sandwich is the guacamole!  Yet another yummy superfood!  Again, it is full of nutrients like healthy fats, omega 3’s to name one, protein, vitamin K, vitamin A, lycopene, oleic acid, fiber, antioxidants and again on and on…  Once again these properties are heart healthy, aid in digestion, decrease the likely hood of constipation and related issues, cell regeneration, cancer prevention and so on… Need I say more? 

Then, lastly put those main ingredients in this heart healthy, low calorie Joseph’s flax, oat bran pita shell with leafy greens and tomato and you have yourself the yummiest most nutrient dense sandwich you can make.  With all these factors in mind enjoy your yummy and nutrient dense egg, guacamole, pita sandwich.  For more on nutrition, health, weight loss, mindset transformation, successful lifestyle change information and awesome recipes join me at Tonia