Food Addiction Continued

Food Addiction Continued

This week we will be wrapping up our discussion covering food addiction and then I’m going to start covering how to recover, heal and gain back control over your life.

Over the years I’ve implemented some major changes in my life and I have lost 100 pounds doing it.  The whole process of weight loss and now maintenance of weight loss has been a challenge but at the same time it has been the most wonderful journey.  I’ve learned so much about nutrition, exercise, me and my body.

Now, after extensive research I’ve found the answers to how to recover, heal and I’ve never felt so much control over food and life ever. I’ve never felt so good, so clear, so energetic and so excited to begin each and every day.  This will lead us to through the next topics of discussions to come.

I will go over how to transition, recover, heal and some wonderful supplements and food finds to get you through.  In the meantime enjoy this great YouTube video!

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