How Sugar Effects the Brain

 How Sugar Affects the Brain

This video from YouTube couldn’t have explained sugar addiction any better.  There are so many ways to fulfill that sweet tooth that doesn’t have to include actual sugar.  

The main way of satisfying the need for sweet is through eating delicious and nutritious fruit.  You can also use artificial sweeteners and stevia is your safe alternative.   If you just have to have a certain favorite dessert then make it the Tonia Tee way and through Tonia Tee you can find many dessert recipes.  Lastly, if you just have to have something sweet then have a small amount, savor it and satisfy that inner child.

 I just caution you against waking up that monster inside that goes crazy and over consumes.  If you have a problem with sugar that makes you out of control then you may need a sugar detox and you may need to learn how to tame that inner beast.  

These topics are going to be covered after my sugar addiction series comes to a close.  For more excellent nutrition and weight loss education join the family.