Roasted Carrots and Brussel Sprouts



Roasted Carrots and Brussel Sprouts


Roasted Carrots and Brussel Sprouts – This recipe makes 4 giant servings

•Calories- 88

•Fat-0.3 gram

•Sodium- 577 mg

•Carbs- 18.9 grams

•Fiber-6.3 grams

•Protein- 3 grams



•4 cups of baby carrots

•4 cups of Brussel sprouts

•1 can of diced tomatoes use fresh tomatoes in place of canned to decrease sodium

•1 tsp. cilantro

•1/2 tsp. seasoned salt although if you’re watching you’re sodium intake then skip this ingredient and decrease the sodium in this dish by 320 mg.

•½ tsp. of garlic powder not garlic salt because garlic salt is high in sodium and garlic powder doesn’t have any sodium.

•1 small pinch of curry powder.  Curry has a very strong taste that really brings out all the wonderful flavors in any dish but it doesn’t take much of it.



First, wash all of your veggies in cold water, cut the stem part off of the Brussel sprouts and cut all of your Brussel sprouts in half.

Next, spray a nonstick pan with 0 calorie butter flavored cooking spray, add the carrots and the Brussel sprouts to the pan and cook on the stove top on medium heat.

Then, let the veggies brown on one side, flip them and let them brown on the other side.  This process takes about 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

Now, add ½ a cup of water to the pan, add all of the seasonings and put a lid on the pan and allow the vegetables to cook until the water has evaporated.  This process takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Lastly, after the water has evaporated then stir in the can of diced tomatoes or the diced fresh tomato and allow the mix to cook until warmed through.

Then this delectable dish is ready to serve and each huge serving is 2 cups for 88 calories.  It’s only 44 calories to eat 1 cup but this dish is so yummy that to eat less would be a sinful.  Besides, remember when making your plate of food half the plate should be vegetables and this 2 cup serving takes care of 2 of your vegetable servings for the day.  So, enjoy your vegetables!