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    Dr. Oz Eat What You Want

    Dr. Oz Eat What You Want Dr. Oz describes perfectly how the Tonia Tee plan works with the exception of the pasta and the sugar.  Not that you can’t have them but it would be a much better choice and…

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    Sugar is Killing Us

    Sugar is Killing Us Are you willing to die for your sugar addiction?  I know people that are and I don’t know if they just don’t understand the huge impact that their sugar addiction has on their body or if…

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    The Doctors Talk About the Dangers of Sugar

    The Doctors Talk About the Dangers of Sugar This video actually shows in great detail the effects of sugar on your body so this is a must see video.  To keep learning about what is takes to lose weight and…

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    Are You Addicted to Sugar and Processed Foods

    Are You Addicted to Sugar and Processed Foods    Are you addicted to sugar and processed foods?  Pediatrician Dr. Robert Lustig’s explains the process of sugar addiction perfectly in this video.  Dr. Robert Lustig’s has a whole series of videos on YouTube…

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    Is Sugar Toxic on 60 Minutes

    Is Sugar Toxic on 60 Minutes You have to watch this video!  This information could save your life!  Leave a comment below about what your thoughts are on this subject.  For more information that can save your life joinToniaTee.com.  Enjoy!

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    Tee Restaurant Planner

     Tee Restaurant Planner  (Click Tee Restaurant Planner Link to See More) Do you think to live a healthy lifestyle that you can’t eat out?  Do you think that to be able to eat out that you are going to have…

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    Is Your Medication Making You Fat?

    ToniaTee.com – Is Your Medication Making You Fat?   You eat healthy and you work out and for some reason you keep packing on the pounds. There could be a number of reasons for this and one reason could be…

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    Tee Vacation Guide

    Tee Vacation Guide Cancun, Mexico – All Inclusive Resort                                                          This is how you keep the weight off or continue to lose weight while in on vacation! Don’t listen to people who say but you’re on vacation because in a…

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    Metabolic Slowdown

    Metabolic Slowdown   Metabolic slowdown is a phenomenon that happens to the human body in response to starvation.  God made the human body to be resilient to many different situations to protect it from death.  He made the human body…

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    Feed Your Inner Child

     Feed Your Inner Child All of us have an inner child and unfortunately this inner child can be impulsive and downright reckless.  It is the adult in us that gives us the control over most situations but if the adult…