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    Cherry Pitter

        ToniaTee.com-Cherry Pitter Cherries are not only low in calories but are also full of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Another benefit of cherries is that they are rich in the antioxidant melatonin which is naturally occurring in our…

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    Clean Eating

        ToniaTee.com – Clean Eating Clean eating is not a new term and has been a way of eating since man has roamed the earth.  The caveman ate clean in that everything that the caveman ate was comprised of a…

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    Decadently Sweet Butternut Squash

     Decadently Sweet Butternut Squash Click Reel to View Video  Upgrade to premium membership to view video …

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    Fruits and Vegetables are the Main Dish

    Fruits and Vegetables are the Main Dish   When making your plate of food it is important to think in terms of fruits and vegetables as being your main dish.  Half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables and…