Tonia Tee’s Story

 Tonia Tee Before and After Weight Loss

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 Tonia Tee’s Story

Like most overweight people there was an emotional component to my relationship with food.I went to food to suppress emotions, to comfort myself in times of stress, when I was bored, when I was avoiding doing something else and that list goes on and on…Basically I turned to food to cope!Also, with my weight gain like many other overweight people there were past events that caused my weight gain and that kept me trapped in my world of living overweight and having a destructive relationship with food that I was unable to live past.In my story I will tell you what initially caused my weight gain, what made me unable to move past the weight gain and then how I finally over came , moved on and started living again.It was when I started living again that I was able to finally apply my knowledge of nutrition and exercise and start my weight loss journey.

Life Doesn’t Have to be This Hard

My whole life I have told myself that life does not have to be this hard and because of feeling that way I was always searching for ways to better myself.I was never wanting to better myself for me I was wanting to better myself for my family and more than anything for my daughter.I didn’t want her to grow up hard like I grew up.It was because of this that I put all my focus into how to excel in school, business and home that I really neglected me and my health.I took care of everybody else and their needs and neglected my own.Does that sound familiar?Does that sound like you?

It was also because of this need to provide a better life for my daughter that I went to school to become a Registered Nurse.Who would have known that a 2 year associate degree program was going to turn into a 6 year program?I finally finished school and with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.So, time well spent!Through school I gained the knowledge of how to live healthy but because of my past and many emotional events I was unable to obtain health because my relationship with food as my comfort and my solace kept me stuck.

My Relationship with Food

I have always had a destructive relationship with food!As a child I was never a big girl but I was what most would call a healthy girl and when I was growing up healthy was fat and skinny was such a big deal when I was growing up.It was because of this that as a teenager I started to go on starvation diets where I wouldn’t eat for days at a time.

Teen Mom

Then as a teenager I got in with the wrong crowd and got with a boy that was trouble and at 15 I ended up pregnant and at 16 I was a teen mom, high school dropout and living on my own barely able to make ends meet.Even though I was very young and naive I still knew that I wanted what was best for my daughter and I got away from her father but unfortunately I ended up with someone much much worse.This guy would beat the crap out of me and it wasn’t until I thought he was going to kill me that I got away from him but I did get away and that was the important thing.

Nineteen Years Married

Then I met my husband of 19 years and he was wonderful except for one thing. He was an alcoholic but everything else about him was great and with what I had been through he was as good as it gets.I still at that time had problems with food in that I would go on starvation diets.Then my husband of 19 years and I had decided that we wanted a baby.At that time we were living together and had been for a while but we were not married yet.

During our journey of trying to have a baby I had two ectopic pregnancies and had to have surgery to have the pregnancies removed and with each pregnancy I gained some weight and with each surgery I gained some weight.Then I had surgery to see if the problems I was having could be corrected and then surgery to have tubes removed and some other female stuff repaired.All of this happened within one year and within that year I went from a 100 pound girl to a 180 pound girl.

Then yoyo dieted for a while and at my highest weight point I ended up being 200 pounds at that time.We had been through so much with this but still even after all of this he asked me to marry him and I did.Then after we were married his drinking became a problem but thank goodness he quit drinking to save our marriage.

Brain Tumor

Then a few years later I started suffering from severe migraines and every doctor wanted to just treat the symptoms because I was at the age of onset for migraines.I couldn’t get any doctors to do any kind of testing to find out if there was any reason behind these debilitating migraines that I was having almost every day.Then after 10 years I finally got a doctor that said let’s do a CT scan and see what is going on and guess what?There was something unusual on that brain scan and so they had me get an MRI and it was then that they discovered a small tumor.I was sent to see a neurologist and he set it up for me to have it removed. Thank goodness it was a benign slow growing tumor called a meningioma but I still ended up with a titanium plate on the entire right side of my head.So, I have bionic parts now! Lol!

Another surgery and 20 more pounds!Now, I was truly at my high point of my weight!I was 220 pounds and I already couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror.That weight gain brought even more shame but you know through everything I never was a depressed down on myself kind of person.I looked at the things that were good about me and I moved on.I dealt with everything very well!What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Now back to my husband! For 15 years he did not drink and then all out of nowhere he started drinking again.First, behind my back and then when I caught onto him he started drinking more.I told him that I wasn’t going to live like that again but this time he didn’t quit drinking so I divorced him.That was devastating!

When Everything Difficult in My Life Finally Hit Me

My daughter grew up and pretty darn good I must say especially considering how I grew up.She moved out after I separated from my husband but while she lived with me she had a daughter but at 20 not 16.It was after she had her daughter that her bipolar disorder kicked itself into high gear and bless her heart she was in and out of the hospital for 2 years with trying to cope with her mental illness.

Thankfully, she got it together well enough to move out on her own with her baby girl and her boyfriend and when she moved out it was then that everything hit me.I never had the time to cope with all of my issues of the past because I had a daughter to raise so I suppressed everything. Let me tell you when it all finally came to a head I lost it.I cried for weeks and couldn’t stop crying!That was good though because it was time for me to stop suppressing my past so I could finally move on.I went to counseling for a short time and that really helped me to deal with all the past emotional baggage I had collected over the years.It brought up a great deal of suppressed memories and I believe that I suppressed everything because I was too busy doing for everybody else that I left no time for me and food was an easy temporary cure so I ate.I should have made the time to take better care of my body but I’m making up for that now.

My Fathers Health and My Health

Then my dad started having a lot of health problems and most of his problems were related to his life style of being overweight.He suffered from hypertension, diabetes and later a double stroke.Then I started having some obesity related health issues like hypertension, borderline diabetes and high cholesterol.I was headed down the same road as my father and with everything, I told myself life does not have to be this hard and that is when I got it together for myself finally.I started to eat better and I took many steps to change my relationship with food.

My Motivation

Then I met my amazing boyfriend of 2 years now and he really motivated me and I had lost some of the weight before him but after him I couldn’t believe how fast the pounds were coming off.I started riding my bike and really applying what I knew from my nursing and after all was said and done I lost 100 pounds and 90 pounds of the weight lost was within 7 months.This time my weight loss was with nutrition and exercise!Like I’ve said many times there is no starvation and no deprivation on the Tonia Tee plan.

What I discovered along my journey with weight loss is that just having the knowledge of how to live healthy wasn’t enough.I had to first deal with what was keeping the weight on me to begin with which was a bunch of emotional baggage. Once I l started dealing with all the suppressed emotions in a more positive way and stopped relying on food to help me cope then I was able to apply my knowledge and make it work for me.I was able to change my relationship with food from a coping mechanism that was not healthy for me to a relationship with food brings me enjoyment and provides nutrition to fuel my body.

I Want to Make a Difference in People’s Lives

That is what really made me want to help other people with my same issues because not only do I have the knowledge to get it done but I know how emotional health can be so crippling to the point that it feels impossible to accomplish anything.That is why I came up with Tonia Tee Weight Loss Mindset plan for health.

I went into nursing because I wanted to help people and now with that knowledge and all of my self-discovery I have learned what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off.I have been able to help other people within my nursing practice to lose weight and in some cases with illness to gain weight but both in a healthy manner.

My goal in nursing was always to make a difference in people’s lives and with my weight loss plan I have found that way to make a difference.It feels like everything that has happened in my life has brought me to this point where I am right now which is where I am meant to be and that is with helping others that struggle with their weight and their health learn what it takes to live better and live healthy holistically.You can’t just mask the problem and treat the symptoms of the problem you have to dig deep and find what is crippling you so that you can learn how to cope in a positive way and not in a reckless way that jeopardizes your life. Remember I said life does not have to be this hard and I was right. Join Tonia Tee and learn what it takes to live again and live healthfully